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G'day from Sydney, Australia.
I'm Karyn Clarke, founder of Significance Circle.

I've been helping busy business owners and ambitious executives achieve their peak performance goals for over 30 years. Education has always formed the foundation of my processes, providing systems and frameworks to accelerate the achievements of peak performers.

With a homebase in Sydney, I have led a globally distributed team since 2009, developing websites for local and international clients.

What's more, I have an extensive background in education and training and am a passionate learner and teacher. Combine those two passions and skills and what do you get? Significance Circle!

What is Significance Circle?
Significance Circle is a resource to help you, the subject matter expert, step up into significance by becoming a thought leader in your field. My passions for online education and quality website development merged to birth Significance Circle. This platform provides education to support you in discovering how to productise your unique intellectual property and sell it online.
Additionally, we offer an integrated technology platform for you to sell and deliver your IP as online courses and memberships.

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