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Introducing the blueprint for stepping up
From success to SIGNIFICANCE.
Discover the proven process for productising your IP and selling it online ...
Get instant access to the training, coaching and community in our exclusive Significance Circle Membership. 
Boost your results with peer feedback to and from other members on your journety to significance..
Get direct access to me, Karyn Clarke, and other peak performance and thought leader experts
When you become a Significance Circle member, you get direct access to me. You will also become part of a supportive community that will help you to achieve significance in your field faster when you implement the insiders strategies, tips and tactics shared by experts inside our community.
You'll also discover how I:
+ Have been able to remain flexible in changing times and personal circumstances. 
+ Helped other subject matter specialists share their IP with a wider audience without burning out.
+ Have consistently generated simple systems that help my clients to achieve peak performance .
What you'll get
Instant access to high-value training
You will have instant access to several rapid implementation courses, each one targeting specific knowledge, skills or outcomes you will want to master on your journey to thought leadership and significance.

The scope of subject matter ranges from the personal characteristics for starting and maintaining a successful business to the secrets of sustained motivation, to managing an outsourced team.

What's more, at least one new course will be added every month, typically based on answering questions from you and other community members.
Live Group Coaching Streaming Sessions
Each month we conduct a live group coaching session. You can attend and ask questions live. The best part is, if you can't make these calls live, simply submit your questions in advance. Every call is recorded so if you can't make it you'll always have access to the recordings. 

I will typically generate new courses based on the questions asked and the discussions that arise in these calls.
Help & support from a private community
Multiple studies have proven the benefits of belonging to and participating in a community while discovering new knowledge or processes.

I personally gained a lifelong friendship and client I met in an online community over ten years ago!

You may find this private community (NOT ON FACEBBOK) is different from other forums or communities you might have been in before.

As a community member your main goal is to be positive and supportive to other members and in return you will find fresh ideas and perspectives generously given to you!
Philip Edney
"Very practical and well structured. Easy to follow steps. Karyn clearly knows her material and presents it with confidence."
Significance Circle membership is ideal for you if you have asked yourself any of these questions:
  • How can I use my expertise to generate income without face to face gigs?
  • How can I continue to help my clients I used to coach face to face?
  • How can I stop struggling with the fear of losing even more income?
  • Who will help me with the tech aspects of moving my IP to online?
  • Where will I get support as I move from corporate to self-employment?
  • Where will I meet and connect with other like minded people?
If you've asked yourself any of these questions, and you are tired of struggling to solvie those issues for yourself, then, this online community is for you!
Helping you get results faster
Inside the membership we help you maximize your results and solve your most pressing problems. Simpy post your success or struggles on the private members' community chat. If you need help with the following:
  • If you are not making a start on writing your non-fiction book
  • If you are tired of struggling with how to design an online course
  • If you feel stuck with the technology of getting your course online
  • If you are confused and not sure what to do to hire offshore staff
  • If you tried different things but nothing seems to work
  • If you want direct chat access to me, Karyn Clarke
Join other like minded members
Sheila Cabagungan
"Extremely useful, practical, invaluable. Karyn really knows her stuff."
Bruce Manefold
"The content was spot on! Everything was really well thought through and pulled together into a logical process for writing my nonfiction book. I also appreciated the writing tips because I want my book to be a good read."
Casey Zhang
"Very useful content. Karyn Clarke was very clear and precise in the delivery of the content."
Gain instant access to all these resources and take the guesswork out of transforming your expertise into thought leadership and new income streams.
We restrict access to the membership to a limited amount of new members
to keep the high quality of coaching and support. 

If you are on this page and find membership is closed for now, just send an email to [email protected]  with 3 dot points outlining why you need to join right now and we will give your application due consideration.
Get instant access to the private content, training and community  to help you transform your IP into thought leadership and income.
Memberships will NEVER be available for this low price again. When you join now, even when the investment increases, you will be grandfathered in at the same level!
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Give me instant access!
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