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11 Videos + 98 Page Coursebook
Finally! A Proven Step-By-Step System for Getting Unstuck And Writing Your Book FAST! (Or at a more leisurely pace if you wish)
What is the 21 Day Book Independent Study Course?

Hello, I'm Karyn Clarke and 21 Day Book is my proven, 9-step system for completing the first draft of your nonfiction book FAST even if you have never written a book before.

It's a complete masterclass workshop that takes you by the hand and shows you exactly how to use your knowledge, skills and experience to smash your nonfiction writing project!

If you're already an expert in your field and want to be recognised as THE authority, then the 21 Day Book Workshop is designed specifically for you.
Authority, Credibility And Legacy Await You ...
Discover how you can author a nonfiction book in record time, even if you have never produced a book before.  

Unlock the secret strategies for leveraging your book as the blueprint for generating income streams from speaking, consulting or coaching.
 Yes! I want to discover the secrets of increasing my credibility and authority by writing my nonfiction book in 21 days or fewer - even if I have never written a book before!

 What's more, I want to know how I can structure my book so it doubles up as the curriculum to launch a coaching, consulting or speaking career!

 And I don't want to regret in 20 years time that I didn't do it this year!

Start Your Nonfiction Book As You Work Through The Coursebook
  • This workshop consists of 11 videos, shot live over one day with a small, select group of participants. You will be privvy to all the lectures, exercises and discussions as you follow along in your 98 page coursebook! In other words, you will actually work on your custom book plan as you complete the exercises.
  • Step-by-step process - simply follow along and complete one step at a time in the exact order. Avoid the temptation to skip ahead!
  • No stone is left unturned - you will receive everything you need to author your book in record time.
  • Perfect whether you are a first-time nonfiction author or already have some experience.
  • Provides a framework for optimising your credibility, authority and legacy.
The 21 Day Book Independent Study Workshop is an INTENSIVE EXPERIENCE specifically designed to get you started fast on your journey to becoming a recognised leader in your field by authoring a book.

It's the fastest and safest way to go from scratch to getting the first draft of your book done!

So ...

- If you want to gain clarity on the exact steps to take in the exact order without struggling to maintain motivation
- If you want to design a model of your intellectual property with the potential to generate multiple income streams without having to continually reinvent the wheel
- If you want to avoid regretting in 20 years time that you didn't author a book as part of your legacy

Then, the 21 Day Book Independent Study Workshop is for YOU!
Your 21 Day Book Independent Study Workshop Includes The Full Experience Of The 3x MO System (MOTIVATION - MODEL - MOMENTUM) For Authoring Your Nonfiction Book Fast
Module 1: What REALLY Motivates You To Write This Book?
The system you are about to learn is simple but that doesn't mean it's easy to implement. Experience a powerful activity to uncover your real motivation.

Real motivation will help you maintain momentum in those times when you may be tempted to feel stuck. This is what will get you to the finish line!

Module 2: Identify Your Thirsty Crowd
So you have knowledge, skills and expertise you want to share, but who will value your offer? Who will PAY to consume your words of wisdom?

In this module, you will identify the exact group of people who are thirsty for what you will offer them in your book. 

Module 3: How Will You Fill Their Glass?
Discover a proven process to map  out how you will help your thirsty crowd solve a specific problem or achieve a specific goal.

Identify all the elements of your solution to your readers' problem to move them from roadblocks to results.

Module 4: I've Been Framed! (My Favourite Module)
This is where the magic happens! You will apply a technique for organising all your ideas into a logical framework that makes sense to your readers.

This is where you move from chaos to clarity in your book structure. This builds the foundation for your platform as an author, speaker or consultant.

Module 5: Work The System
Your motivation is clear, you've designed your content framework - now you're ready to get down to business and author your book!

Here is where we reveal all the top tips, tricks and techniques to move yourself from frustration to flow in your writing process.

Module 6: Write Right!
Writing conventions, grammar, punctuation, spelling - yuk! Who wants to be bothered with all that boring stuff? As an author you want to know the basics. 

That's why this module covers some basic techniques that will help you polish your writing and move you from looking like an apprentice to a master.

Module 7: Expand Your Universe
As an expert, your book, when authored according to the 3x MO model, provides the foundation for you to grow a business with multiple income streams.

In this module, you will workshop the possibilities and frame up a fresh vision for sharing your wisdom beyond e-books, bookstores and libraries.
Module 8: Repurpose
Different people have varying preferences about how they can or will consume your wisdom. This presents an opportunity for you to repurpose your book into varying media to distribute in different channels.

Discover which media and channels suit your audience and your strengths.

Module 9: Behind The Scenes 
As you grow your authority platform you will want a small support team so your entire life does not consist of work!

In this module, you will workshop what tasks you may want to outsource and various tools for achieving that effectively.

Some Love From Graduates
"Karyn showed me how to structure my book so it was not only more readable, but also provided a foundation for delivering my training programs and workshops."
Leigh Riley - Your Business Succession
"The 21 Day Book Workshop was a great experience for me to write my first nonfiction book in record time. It equipped me with all the knowledge I needed to become a published author. I recommend you to plug into the 21 Day Book System if you need help writing a nonfiction book."
Sam Lee - The Social Way
"Extremely useful, practical, invaluable. Karyn really knows her stuff."
Sheila Cabagungan - Wealth Forum Pty Ltd
"Very useful content. Karyn Clarke was very clear and precise in the delivery of the content."
Casey Zhang - Usana
"The content was spot on! Everything was really well thought through and pulled together into a logical process for writing my nonfiction book. I also appreciated the writing tips because I want my book to be a good read."
Bruce Manefield - Rapport Leadership
"Very practical and well structured. Easy to follow steps. Karyn clearly knows her material and presents it with confidence.
Philip Edney
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What's My Investment To Join The 21 Day Book Independent Study Course?
That's a good question! When I teach this system privately on a one to one basis, my fee is normally a minimum of $5,750 to get started.

You could also try to figure all this out on your own and spend tens of thousands of dollars and years of your life - like I did! Or you could even hire a consultant to do it for you at $15,000 plus!

The online version of this course with support via weekly Zoom sessions is normally priced at $1997. 

This independent study version normally goes for $997, but because I want to help as many aspiring nonfiction authors as possible to get the job done during this period of social distancing, your investment is only $547.

The good news is, you now have an affordable opportunity to be really productive if you have extra time at home right now.

When you take action today you can get instant access for just $547.

So here’s what you want to do next:

- Click on the button below right now.
- When you do you’ll reach the safe and secure order page.
- Simply add your information and choose your payment method.
- You will then immediately reach the thank you (Congratulations!) page and receive your login page link to your account. Look out for your password in an email so you can actually login and access your course.
- Then you will have instant access to the Welcome and Overview module for an immediate start.

I teach each module with focused action steps so you can get up and running extremely fast


- If you want to transform your expertise into credibility and authority
- If you want to leave a lasting legacy
- If you want to discover how to leverage your book into multiple income streams
- If you want to do this in just weeks instead of years and years ...

Then this is for YOU!
Frequently Asked Questions

No. As long as you can speak English and are willing to commit the time and effort required, you should be fine.

What's more, even experienced authors must still submit their book to an external editor and proofreader to avoid embarrassing mistakes in the published copy.

NO! This course has been designed specifically for aspiring authors of nonfiction books.

Please send your questions in an email to [email protected]
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